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Voulez Vuvuzela – VuVu WHO?

A few weeks ago many of us would have responded to the word “Vuvuzela” with “Vuvu WHO?” but with the 2010 World Cup Coverage all that has changed. The unmistakeable VuVu sound has been floating out of television screens across the world as people tune in to watch the first ever Football World Cup to […]


Touchdown Jesus – Lighting Strike – Ohio

A six-story statue of Jesus Christ in Monroe, Ohio was struck by lightning and burned to the ground, leaving a blacked steel skeleton. Insurance companies are calling it “An Act of God” The “King of Kings” statue had become one of southwest Ohio’s most familiar landmarks having stood at the evangeliocal Solid Rock Church since […]


The Bleeding Earth

(A Little Rant on Behalf of the Millions of Voiceless Creatures Dying a Cruel and Unneccessary Death Because of our Greed) The story they tried to sweep under the carpet continues and has become the worst environmental disaster in American history, and it is only just beginning. We are still reeling from the tearing recession […]