MSNBC Cheers Britain’s Free Healthcare: It’s Free For Tourists Too!

  This is a YouTube clip from an American TV station talking about the British NHS, with some of the responses to the clip below.

tourists that use the NHS, thats fine by me. it doesnt matter if your British, American, Russian, Chinese, Angolan, whatever, as humans we need to look after each other when we are in the most need. if some American breaks his leg on a step whilst taking a picture of Big Ben, im absolutely fine with him getting all the treatment he needs over here for free. i hope America one day embraces the idea, having a broken arm like i had whilst skiing then being asked about the bill is not what you want.


@Thetruthishere11 Jobs!

Oh ok - this is where you go back to claiming that the US is much better because of it’s wonderful free market, low unemployment right and world beating economic model? And Europe is shit because we’re all bereft, unemployed socialists desperately wishing we were American? Then I remind you of the following:

US Unemployment: 9.2%

SWE Unemployment: 8.2%

UK Unemployment: 7.8%

GER Unemployment: 6.9%

NOR Unemployment: 3.5%

Darn commies!

NHS is one of the greatest things to have happened in Britain and has recently been rated 2nd for the world’s top health care. Americans should support Obama if they want to stop greedy corporations from preventing them from receiving universal health care.


@katards Kat, I think this word "socialist" should be put to rest here. All that is happening in Britain..and other civilised countries is that the idea that informs collecting taxes to provide a fire service, an army, social workers and school teachers has just been extended into health care. Simple. SO if you pay for the police and you never need them, how do Americans feel about that? Well we feel the same in the UK about Health care. We pay a progressive premium, sick or welll. WIn-Win


@Thetruthishere11 Oh – and the NHS does *not* provide lower quality care. European healthcare almost always ranks above the US in healthcare tables. The difference is, it costs half as much, because we don’t have to factor in:

a. The beauracracy of having to arse on with hundreds of different insurance providers

b. We don’t have to factor in a 30% profit margin for everyone providing the healthcare.

Do yourself a favour and do some research – the US system is a laughing stock outside the US


@Thetruthishere11 You might have some semblance of an argument if it weren’t the case that 15% of your population don’t have any coverage at all, and another 50% would be bankrupted if they got a serious illness when the insurance company decides not to pay out. The US rations care *far far* more than any other developed country – it just does it by restricting access to only those that can afford to pay insurance company profits.


Thetruthishere11 I have never had rationed care, nor do I know anyone who has. You are talking nonsense. The same treatments that are available in the US are almost always available in the UK if they are proven to work. The difference is:

a. All citizens have access to them in the UK – not just the wealthy (so just who’s doing the rationing my friend?)

b. Having to pay for those treatments does not bankrupt anyone if their insurance company decides not to pay out



NHS wait times. We don’t have these and we have better quality.  .uk /2/hi/3749801.stm



NHS = rationed care. Thats not what i want. We don’t want lower quality and lower service.


@Thetruthishere11 Minimum 44million and up to one-third of US population (not illegals) without insurance many millions more without adequate insurance to cover health costs and go bankrupt , over 22000 US citizens die every year because they do not have the correct medical cover. You are to cowardly to comment on "the US Healthcare system in international Context" which shows just how false Beck and Hannans claims are.


@Thetruthishere11 Well, given that the NHS costs 40%-50% less than the US system, whilst covering everyone and ranking above the US in health outcome tables, I’m pretty comfortable with the way costs are being contained.

As for Dr shortages – I don’t know anything about that. Maybe in some specialised areas? From my own experience, I’ve never had a problem seeing a Dr and I don’t know of anyone who has.


@sh856531 I think American’s who waffle on about rationing are completely crazy. The US is the most rationed system in the western world. The difference the rationing takes place based on whether you are poor or not and how likely an insurance provider is to be able to make a profit out of you.

In the UK system, "rationing" (something I have never seen anyone actually experience here) occurs based on what the most appropriate use of funds is – not profit



Aren’t you in f***ing recession? Nothing is free.

Uk = jobless but with expensive healthcare. lol. that makes sense.


@Thetruthishere11 Yes everything does cost money. I’m going to get taxed no matter what. But I’m happy for my taxes to be spent looking after the health and well being of our people.

Do you moan when your taxes go to your countries war machine? No because you support your troops right? you think it ok to be taxed to kill other peoples, but not to help your own less fortunate and less well off.

That’s what is wrong with your country


@Thetruthishere11 Er… the rich and bloody famous can afford it. They can also afford private jets, several holiday homes, fast cars etc… I WANT the best drugs, the best hospitals and treatment. Unfortunately, I don’t have dollars is my bank account. I had insurance. They rejected every op I needed. Told me I’d have to pay half the docs fees. I went NHS instead cos they didn’t quibble over pennies.


Our drug companies are the BEST in the world.

We have the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world.

That’s why your rich,famous and your politicians come to the USA from Canada and the UK.



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